Czech It Out: Three Absurd Lawsuits

Author: Bob Hýsek writes about Miroslav Koláčný, Dušan Dvořák, and Leopold Svatý

Dušan Dvořák at trial. Photo Jaroslava Bělíková

Czechia, a European country located between relatively liberal Germany and some of the most conservative countries in terms of cannabis policy, had once been known for its tolerant attitude to cannabis home-growing and usage in the public. Despite rather liberal decriminalization in place, however, police and prosecutors keep persecuting hemp farmers and small growers; in recent years even more viciously and vehemently than before.

The country has witnessed three major lawsuits related to cannabis in the last three months. They


involved well-known activists and successful farmers as well as unsuspecting family members trying to help each other. Let’s briefly outline the three stories and see how justice was served.

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