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The Cannabis Health Index–3rd Edition

March 2022

This new, expanded, and updated version of the best-selling Cannabis Health Index (CHI-3) now covers 200+ conditions all in one user-friendly place. In summarizing the findings of more than 3,000 studies, Blesching gives readers clarity on the process of making informed decisions about cannabis as an effective health treatment.
     Organized alphabetically from aging to wound care, CHI-3 has sections on a variety of conditions including infections, cancer, cardiovascular health, inflammatory conditions, neurological diseases, veterinary applications, and much more. Combining insights gained from both the cannabinoid health sciences and mind-body medicine can help chronic patients to realize deeper and longer-lasting therapeutic effects.
     Comprehensive, clear, and convenient, The
Cannabis Health Index presents compelling evidence that cannabis is remarkably safe and effective when used appropriately, especially compared with the risks of managing chronic symptoms with pharmaceuticals.

“The most important reference book on the subject of medical cannabis written in the past twenty years.”

Steve DeAngelo–Co-Founder Harborside Health Center, Oakland, California

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